Managing Information & Communication Overload in the Practice of Law

Too much information everywhere you turn? Wasn't technology supposed to make things easier for us? Does the daily onslaught of information - text messages, emails, phone calls, and reading - overwhelm your legal practice? Does this glut of constant communication increase your stress, while diminishing your enjoyment of your career and your life? It's time to go from glut to gain. Attend this information-packed, 90 minute webinar with acclaimed speaker, author, and columnist Jeff Davidson, and get the tools you need to keep information at a manageable level, and use it for maximum gain. You’ll get more work done and have more time for the things you enjoy.

Hailed as a “dynamo” by The Washington Post, Davidson is a leading authority on helping lawyers and other professionals better manage their work day, despite unrelenting change. His books Simpler Living, Breathing Space, The 60 Second Organizer, The 60 Second Self-Starter, and The 10 Minute Guide to Managing Stress have been published in 18 languages. His American Law Institute “Practical Lawyer” column, for six years running, has provided lawyers with actionable ideas to achieve work-life balance. Ready to overcome the relentless burden of information and communication overload? Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn some surprisingly simple but powerful techniques to enhance your career and your life. All attendees receive a set of downloadable materials and free access to the archived online program.