Powerful Speaking Skills for Lawyers (Fall Workshops)


Award-winning and renowned CEO Bonnie Gross of SpeechScience International Inc. is delivering a series of workshops that will teach you the secrets and tips of how great leaders, such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, have used their voice to exude power and leadership. Ms. Gross will use a series of interactive exercises together with audio, video and computer bio-feedback technology to provide you with individual feedback on how to develop your voice.

Read what professionals are saying about Bonnie:

I recently had the pleasure of participating in Bonnie’s program through the Toronto Lawyers Association. I wholeheartedly recommend Bonnie to anyone interested in improving how they communicate whether on a professional or personal level. Bonnie helps you identify and enhance your natural speech patterns…It is an amazing program that is definitely worth the time. I have taken other oral advocacy courses and can confidently say Bonnie is second to none.
Stacey L. Stevens LL.B, Partner, Thomson Rogers, Barristers and Solicitors

I feel this is one of the best learning experiences I’ve had.
Minish Parikh, Executive Director at CIBC

Everyone thought I did a great job and was one of the best speakers including better than the keynotes… the success was because of you. If we had not worked together, it would have a different story.
Arun Bordoloi, CFO Rakuten

Having taken over 200 hours of IBM skills training, I believe this is one of our best courses. It stands out in terms or content quality, it is well organized and it is taught by distinguished instructors. The skills I learned are practical, I was able to apply them immediately, and greatly I improved my SPEAKING MASTERY and confidence.
Zoran Kulina, IBM

Fall Workshop Series (on-site) - 15 participants per module

Date Workshop Title Details NOVEMBER 5 Part 1:
Use your Voice and Tone to Deliver a Persuasive Message

This session contains 120 minutes of Professionalism Content.
cpd-accredited You will learn to:
• Use your voice and tone to capture and hold the
attention of your audience
• Use effective notes – without reading them
• Speak with a strong, resonant voice
• Use intonation and vocal tone to impact your audience
• Pace and pause to emphasize your message
• Adapt the secrets and techniques of famous public
speakers NOVEMBER 12 Part 2:
Identify and Eliminate Speech Habits That Can Hold You Back Learn to avoid:
• Using too many starter words and filler words
• Speaking with “up “ tone
• Speaking too quickly
• Mumbling
• Pronouncing words incorrectly
• Speaking in a monotone
• Allowing your voice to fade at the end of the sentence NOVEMBER 19  Part 3:
The Conversation Starts Before You Speak – How the Right Posture, Facial Expression and Body Movement Can Impact Your Audience You will learn:
• How to identify your personal positive and negative
body language habits
• The best way to use your face, hands, eyes and posture
• How to use notes effectively, to maintain your
connection with your audience Program details

All workshops include participatory lecture style and personal coaching and skills improvement. Sessions will be held in the TLA Boardroom (361 University Avenue Courthouse, 2nd floor) commencing at 5:30 p.m. Sessions are 2 ½ hours in length and a light dinner will be provided. A maximum of 15 registrants will be accepted to each session.

Members Fee: 1 workshop: $200 + HST 2 workshops: $400 + HST All 3 workshops: $600 + HST Non-members Fee: 1 workshop: $250 + HST 2 workshops: $500 + HST All 3 workshops: $750 + HST Register online now!